About us

Director: Fabián Jaksic

The Center for Applied Ecology and Sustainability (CAPES) is a research center Basal Financing from CONICYT (National Commission on Science and Technology). The CAPES was conceived in 2013, and from July 2014 it receives financial support. This new institution emerged from the old center FONDAP, incorporating new staff to the original group. Its primary mission is to conduct applied research for sustainable development prevailing in Chile, in the international context of the OECD standards and international trade agreements environmental issues. CAPES’s main strengths are cutting-edge research in environment, the formation of advanced human capital, transfer activities / capabilities (knowledge and technology ), strong partnerships with the private sector, and the extent and fundraising.

CAPES scientists belong to two Chilean universities and several private foundations.

The main areas of research are environmental microbiology, heavy metals in the environment, conserving physiology, population dynamics and management of natural resources.